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Today is: Wednesday 24th of January 2007, 10:33 AM
(All Times are GMT -5 Hours)
News Headlines
After nearly four months in the dark as to what was happening to Hotmail's successor, the Windows Live Mail team released a slight update to keep users interested until they launch it to all users of their free mail service. You'll have guessed, Milestone 10 of the service has arrived

Very few changes in this version the today page now sports the same look and feel as Windows Live Messenger's today popup, with the obviously removed mail tab, a slightly improved overall user interface, the usual performance improvements, an improved classic version and that about sums it up. It is clearly aimed at fit and finish since no new features appear to be added, nor are the UI changes all that exciting. The Options page appears to be quite buggy as far as look is concerned.

As usual, the update seems to be taking time for some servers. To those who want to try it out before their bay is updated, try using bay 117 (or use the link below after signing in)

Thanks to frankliusart for the heads up!

View: Windows Live Mail
News Source: In-House

Posted By RevoDS at 08:14 PM
It seems Microsoft is already accepting nominations for the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 TAP program.

By joining the TAP, customers gain access to early builds and NDA information about the Service Pack. A dedicated TAP Program Manager will work with the customer to enable deployments, gather feedback, drive issues, answer questions, and connect them with the product group as necessary. There will be only a limited number of seats available in the Windows Vista SP1 TAP.

As like previous service packs for Windows, Service Pack 1 for Vista will bring many hotfixes and security updates which help improve the overall usability and stability of the operating system.

To be nominated for the TAP program, you must speak with your Technical Account Manager at Microsoft.

News Source: Bink.nu

Posted By David at 06:43 PM
mwave.com lists several editions of Windows Vista as in stock and ready to ship

Although the official launch of Windows Vista won't take place until January 30, that hasn't stopped some online retailers from making the operating system available early. mwave.com is listing three Vista SKUs on its website that are in stock and ready to ship.

The OEM versions of Vista listed on mwave.com's website are significantly cheaper than the retail pricing for Vista listed below:

* Windows Vista Home Basic, $199/$99.95
* Windows Vista Home Premium, $239/$159
* Windows Vista Business, $299/$199
* Windows Vista Ultimate, $399/$259

The editions available include Vista 32-bit Home Basic OEM (Microsoft Part Number: 66G-00576) for $89.90, Vista 32-bit Home Basic OEM 3-pack (Microsoft Part Number: 66G-00613) for $268.90 and Vista 32-bit Business OEM (Microsoft Part Number: 66J-02289) for $139.90. As of today, there were no listings for Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate on the site.

News Source: DailyTech

Posted By ProToType1864 at 07:59 AM | Read More
Microsoft is expanding its fight against software piracy with a new educational effort that includes comics.

The online campaign, set to start on Monday, is meant to tell people the benefits of using properly licensed software. It covers such aspects as awareness of intellectual property rights, risks of using pirated products, proper licensing practices and legalization of fraudulent products.

"We want to enable customers to make informed decisions that are best for their business by providing them with the facts that they need," Cori Hartje, director of Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative, said in an interview.

Dubbed "Genuine Fact Files," the campaign is now launching in the U.S. It went online last month in Italy, France, the U.K., Indonesia, Brazil, Australia and the United Arab Emirates. Microsoft plans to draw attention to it through banner ads on its Web sites and promotional material that it will hand out through partners. By using comics, the company aims to make the message more accessible to a broader audience. They are black and white, in a style similar to newspaper comics.

News Source: CNET

Posted By ProToType1864 at 07:55 AM | Read More
Microsoft Corp. is happy with the early sales of its Zune music player in the United States and it could launch the service in Europe before the end of 2007, its marketing director said on Saturday.

Jason Reindorp told Reuters that Microsoft was realistic about the challenge it faced in trying to crack into the digital music player market, dominated by Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.

Reindorp said Microsoft was not yet ready to officially announce when it would launch the service in Europe but it could possibly be out before the end of the year.

"The industry moves in this sort of Christmas to Christmas cycle. So you can expect that there will be more devices, more features in the market at that point," he said.

"Our next round of introductions will probably be in time for the holiday of this year."

He said Microsoft planned extensive research with focus groups in Europe to see how it could be modified for a European consumer.

He said the Zune had a 10.2 percent market share in the U.S. in the 30 gigabyte category, according to the latest data, and that it was still in line to sell over a million units by June 30, the end of its current fiscal year.

News Source: eWeek

Posted By Ben at 09:41 PM
With great sorrow, we express our condolences to the family of Benjamin Lucas (also known as Utakz). Utakz was a talented graphics designer, software architect, and software programmer. He was also an important member of the techno-enthusiast community, who was passionate about technology and journalism.

We thank Benjamin for his relentless dedication and enthusiasm that he injected into the world of technology blogging and journalism.

More Information: The Herald-Dispatch

Posted By AdminJC at 07:51 PM
Internal sources at Microsoft have recently revealed that the upcomming Windows Live Messenger 8.1 will be released to the world on the 25th of January via the Live Ideas page.

The Beta has been in development since the release of 8.0 and has the following featuers and improvments:

. Redesigned contact cards.
. Your display name, status and personalization roam with you to any computer
. Better server performance
. Improvements to automatic updates
. Improved sign-in performance

View: Windows Live Ideas

News Source: In-House

Posted By olliec at 10:48 AM
Microsoft is working on a remote access tunneling protocol for Vista and Longhorn Server that lets client devices securely access networks via a VPN from anywhere on the Internet without concern for typical port blocking issues.

The Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) creates a VPN tunnel that travels over Secure-HTTP, eliminating issues associated VPN connections based on the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) or Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) that can be blocked by some Web proxies, firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) routers that sit between clients and servers.

The protocol, however, is only for remote access and will not supoort site-to-site VPN tunnels.

Microsoft hopes SSTP will help reduced help desk support calls associated with IPSec VPNs when those connections get blocked by firewalls or routers. In addition, SSTP won?t foster retraining issues because it does not change the end-user VPN controls. The SSTP based VPN tunnel plugs directly into current interfaces for Microsoft VPN client and server software.

Microsoft plans to ship SSTP support in Vista Service Pack 1 and in Longhorn Server. The ship date for Vista SP1 has not been set, but Longhorn is expected to ship in the second half of this year. SSTP will be included in Longhorn Server Beta 3, which is set to ship in the first half of 2007.

Microsoft officials also say they are working with partners -- the company declined to name -- on adding SSTP to other client devices besides Vista.

News Source: Bink.nu

Posted By olliec at 10:42 AM
The Xbox Live Arcade file size was capped at 50 MB to accommodate consumers who purchased the hard drive-less Xbox 360 Core SKU (those consumers had to use one of Microsoft's memory cards).

Under condition of anonymity, sources revealed that the file size for Xbox Live Arcade titles has been increased from 50 MB to 250 MB and with Microsoft's approval, that size can be expanded to 450 MB.

When asked for comment on the reported change to file size, Microsoft said, "We do not comment on rumor and speculation and so we can not confirm that rumor. Aside from the exception we granted for 'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night,' we have not announced any plans to alter the file size standard for Xbox Live Arcade games. However, adjusting the size limit is certainly an option in the future, and as always, we are listening to feedback both from gamers and developers on what will provide the best user experience. Whatever choice we make, we will hold a position that provides for the best possible Xbox Live Arcade gameplay experience."

News Source: Bink.nu

Posted By olliec at 07:28 AM
Microsoft is expected to announce a drop in quarterly earnings next week, largely because it is deferring $1.5 billion in revenue related to delays of its Vista and Office products, analysts say.

For the fiscal second quarter, the software giant is expected on Thursday to report earnings of 23 cents a share on revenue of $12.9 billion, according to analysts' estimates compiled by Thomson Financial. Microsoft posted earnings of 34 cents a share on revenue of $11.84 billion for the same period a year ago.

The disconnect between the second-quarter lower earnings yet higher revenue comes as a result of Microsoft's upgrade promotion to Vista from Windows XP. Under the Vista "Express Upgrade," users who purchase a computer with XP or Office 2003 will be eligible for an upgrade to Vista or Office 2007 at a steep discount or for free.

As a result of the program, which spans five months and ends March 15, Microsoft cannot claim revenue booked under this program until the users take advantage of the vouchers or coupons, said Charles Di Bona, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein.

The size of this revenue deferral is $1.5 billion.

News Source: Bink.nu

Posted By olliec at 07:22 AM
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