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JCXP Forums Rules

The Following rules apply to the whole of JCXP, unless explicitly stated otherwise by a Member of staff at JCXP.


1. Breaking any of the Following rules could potentially result in you (the user), being banned from the Forums.

2. JCXP reserves the right to Ban Users from the Forums with or without reason. JCXP also reserves the right to ban users without them reaching the maximum warning limit. We also reserve the right to remove ANY topics/posts on the forums with or without reason.

3. If you have any queries or problems regarding the rules, or have any other questions, please contact an Administrator.

4. Any posted content immediately becomes the property of JCXP and thus we can manage the content as we wish.


1. Do not post shocking graphic content, or content of a pornographic nature. This includes providing links to such content.

2. No Warez: You may not discuss warez, or link to sites where one can download "warezed" (or pirated) material, this includes by posting, by using the PM system, by e-mail or within Signatures/Avatars. In this instance, we are using the term "warez" to refer to the following:
  • Cracks/Hacks
  • Leaked Software (Final or Pre-release [Release Candidates/Beta/Alpha] software that should only be available privately)
  • Serial Keys / Activation Keys
  • Keygens
  • Pirated / Illegal Movie & Music Files
  • Methods to cracking/bypassing/removing software validation checks (I.e. Windows Genuine Advantage)
  • Any other Pirated/Illegal Material
You may not hint, or suggest how to obtain warez. If content is available to the public from the copyright owner of the content, this is not considered warez. Abandon ware may be posted.

3. No Racism, No Threatening, No Victimization, or Hateful posts / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members.

4. Do not Harass or Spam members via the PM system or by E-Mail. Do not give out other member's personal information without first having proper authorization from that member!. If you are the victim of Spam or Harassment on our boards, please contact an Administrator immediately.

5. No Flaming. We use the term "flaming" to refer to aggressive, rude, or hateful behavior towards another member, or group of members. Doing so will result in an immediate suspension (30 days minimum) and possibly being banned.

6. If you wish to make an off-topic post, please use the [offtopic] tag. However, please try and refrain from making off-topic comments constantly. If your post will provoke a new discussion, firstly run a search to see if a thread of this nature already exists. If you cannot find a suitable topic you may then (and only then) create a new topic.

7. Avatars and signatures must not contain sexually explicit material, or any obscene nudity. Avatars and signatures must not contain shocking graphic images. If an Administrator/Supervisor feels the image is too revealing, they may remove it at any time with/without warning.

8. No spamming - do not make worthless posts that do not contribute to the topic of discussion, or make posts containing nothing other than long strings of useless characters or emoticons. Try not to double post - if you wish to add to a post you've already made, edit the existing post rather than creating a continuous array of posts. Do not make duplicates of posts in multiple forums. Posts considered spam will be deleted with or without notice.

9. No Advertising. You may Only Advertise Sites in your Signature and Not in Posts! Any advertisements found anywhere other than in your signature will be removed. No advertisements to warez sites will be allowed anywhere (signature, or otherwise), they will be removed. We define advertising as attracting the attention of members to a certain site, product or business for the purpose of personal profit or gain (I.e. Increasing member bases, monetary gains) If a member of staff feels the post should be considered advertising, it may be removed with or without notice.

10. You may only Register one User Account, if you are found to have more than one account, some or all of your accounts may be removed or banned. To elaborate on this rule - if we feel that you are deliberately registering multiple accounts (especially if you are doing so after having had previous accounts banned) all of your accounts will be banned, as well as your IP address(es) and email address(es). However, if you have accidentally registered multiple accounts, we will simply ask that you stick to using one single account and use the Lost Password feature if you forget a password. To prevent older multiple accounts from being used, duplicate accounts may still be banned.

11. If you find a post that you have made has been deleted or edited, do not re-post or revert the post to its original state. Doing so will result in immediate suspension. If you would like an explanation for any given action, please privately contact a Supervisor or a higher member of staff.

12. Please do not publicly question a Supervisor's or Administrator's Actions. You may PM a Supervisor/Administrator if you wish to discuss a member of staff's actions.

13. Do not abuse the profile rating system. Please only give a member a certain rating if they trully deserve that rating.
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