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Today is: Wednesday 10th of January 2007, 04:24 PM
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Microsoft to unveil Windows Home Server at CES
30th Dec 06
Microsoft is definitely going to talk - at long last - about its plans for Windows Home Server (code-named "Quattro") at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, according to Mary Jo Foley's ZDNet Blog.

Code-named "Quattro", the new product was originally to be "a scaled back and customized version of Windows Small Business Server, running on specialized hardware, and it would simplify home networking to the point where everyone could enjoy the benefits of modern network management," said blogger Rick Hallihan back in 2005.

But now the word on the street is Windows Home Server won't be Windows-Server-based at all. Given the heavy Vista push expected at CES, coupled with Microsoft's undoubted plans to put a damper on anything Apple Computer might have to say around home networking at MacWorld Expo, Foley suggests that "Quattro" will now be Vista-based, not Windows Server-based as initially expected.

Home media sharing is one area where much is expected of "Quattro". "As long as there is some kind of integration with (Windows) Media Center," I don't care what it's based on, said one Windows tester. "I want it to store all your media for your home?. to be able to network multiple Media Centers and PCs and save all your stuff on one back-end home server. That's what I've been dreaming about."

News Source: ZDNet

Posted By Ben at 07:39 AM


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